Friday, September 4, 2009 «Invest in education» — spelling reform?

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Friday, September 4, 2009 "Invest in education" — spelling reform? — Make the call in 2016 … — Investing in education? Chiche! A group of teachers unions, parents, student and high school organizations and educational associations on Friday called on the Minister of Education Luc Chatel to put "his acts in accordance with his words." In their joint statement, entitled "one country, one school, Our Future", the signatory organizations — including the CIPF, FSU, UNSA, the NMS-CFDT, the UNEF, UNL, the League of teaching and Pedagogical CRAP-Notebooks — particularly stress the need to "invest" and to change education policy. "Yes, Minister: a country that believes in its future is a country that invests in education," the collective, in reference to the catchphrase of Luc Chatel used repeatedly and especially in his press conference September. "The statements about the need to invest in education and reduce inequalities must translate decisions at odds with the policies in recent years," the collective. Affirming can not accept "the programming of 16,000 losses (positions) extra in September 2010," the undersigned organizations demand the establishment of an "annual plan for recruitment." "After two years during which the school was brutalized, it is time to restore a constructive dialogue," added the signatory organizations that make the future reform of the high school a test to judge the opening of the Minister and ambition in cases initiated. The signatory organizations plan to meet at the end of the month to assess the situation and the responses of the Minister. Simplify the spelling? Should we simplify spelling? This issue back on the front of the stage with the recent release of Zero Failure to Francois de Closets (ed. Arabian Nights). In his book, the essayist, who admits to being "void" in spelling, advocates a massive simplification of the French language. Newspapers like 20 minutes today, and Le Figaro yesterday, come back to this debate by interviewing several experts on the subject. In 20 minutes Fripiat Bernard, Belgian playwright and spelling coach has a radical position "If we simplify, go right ahead and not half." This would notably by removing accents and double consonants in writing. Jean-Pierre Colignon former corrector Le Monde, fears that oversimplification of our language involves "changes that put in the heads of children irrational things." According to him, the spelling is part of general culture and it would be rather "advocated a gradual simplification but reasonable and thoughtful." In Le Figaro, written by Natacha Polony, it is strongly opposed to any reform. She called her friends to Save the letters. "It’s a cliche to say that the spelling is arbitrary," says Rachel Boutonnet, teacher and author of Why and how I teach b.a.-ba. "It is much less than we imagine. Number of rules, if they are never explicit, nevertheless exist. We must take it as a game which we gradually learn the subtleties. ". Alain Bentolila, interviewed in the same newspaper, "It is out of question to simplify the grammar, because it reflects the thinking language. Granting participles, combining a verb correctly are fundamental processes. They give to see that such verb goes with such a subject, it is this that is and not another, a pronoun is a special kind because it relates to such a name, that "which "Sophie returns and not" Peter. " Whoever does not master it fails to structure the world and its categories. What shines through grammatical spelling is clarity of thought. It does not simplify the power of thought put into words. ". Surprisingly, an article asks New technologies, enemy of the good French? and responds nuanced manner which is rare Figaro! Call Dear fellow teachers, you will want to know what the call in the classes in the coming years? The answer this agonizing question by giving us palmares of first names in 2009Adieu Lucas and Clara, Hello Nathan and Emma. The 20 most given male names in 2009 are therefore Nathan, Lucas, Enzo, Jules Hugo, Noah, Arthur Mathis, Maxime, Leo, Tom, Louis Clement, Alexander, Thomas, Raphael, Theo, Evan, Mael and Ethan . As for female names the leading group consists of: Emma Lea Manon, Chloe, Camille, Zoe Lola Louise, Oceane, Lilou, Jade, Clara, Maelys Lucie, Lena, Alice, Ines, Matilda, Alicia Sarah. You have been warned! Good reading… ——————————————— — the 04/09/09 primary school reopens and mobilizes After middle school and high school students yesterday, today is the turn of the majority of 6.6 million students returning to class. Since the abolition of Saturday morning, the vast majority of schools practice the week of four days. Only a minority, which spread their courses over four days and a half, so including Wednesday, resumed yesterday. But discontent after the Darcos reform does not seem to fall. Yesterday, the main union of primary school teachers, the Snuipp, called for "three days to School" from 8 to 10 September denounce ‘the impoverishment of educational provision. " Among the recommended actions, empty chairs for the missing seats in kindergarten, rallies … "Trying to make believe, like [the Minister] Luc Chatel, a constant student ratio is at best misinformation," wrote the union . With 14 400 additional students, he recalled, it removes 1500 Rased positions (teachers specializing in learning difficulties), 3 000 jobs in recruitment competitions, 500 for documentation, discovery classes, computer etc. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Le Figaro 04/09/09 Colleges: input discriminating contest too? Valerie Pecresse wants to expand social diversity within these institutions. But the idea of ??changing the admission tests of these prestigious schools to achieve it encounters resistance. Read more of the article 40 years ago was born (almost) Internet September 2, 1969, two electronic calculators were able to exchange packet data through a cable from a dozen meters. The first step towards the web as we know it today. Read more of the article Choosing a computer for the school year if this time of year is in favor of buying a PC, do not forget some basic rules. Read more of the article Price war in the school insurance Insurance is offered for free to win new customers and then offer them other products. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— the of 04/09/09 At the University of Evry, the "student art" should be learned before school they are no longer students, not students. Enrolled at the University of Evry (Essonne), they begin in a few weeks their studies, tipping for good from one status to another. For their success, the molt is decisive but delicate. The university decided to help a fortnight integration course, organized on August 31 for the volunteers. Read more of the article Handicap at school: Chatel announced the creation of 5,000 subsidized contracts Minister of Education Luc Chatel announced Thursday, September 3, the creation this year of 5000 assisted contracts for the reception of disabled children to school. Read more of the article The daily press seeks salvation playing with the difference Web time of triumphant web, print newspapers must adapt or disappear. Le Monde had significantly developed its formula in January 2009. Two other national dailies will renovate turn their formula. To release it will be on September 7 for Le Figaro on 21 September. Read more of the article Sustainable development program for schoolchildren Gironde near Bordeaux, in elementary school Rosa Bonheur Bassens (Gironde), the organic vegetable garden did not wait for the return of students to be serviced. The school principal, Andree Debar, and colleagues increased the water all summer. This property of 187 students from poor neighborhoods, the concepts of sustainable development and ecology are not just words thrown into the zeitgeist: in four years, the educational and extracurricular team encourages children to become aware their place and their responsibilities in preserving the environment. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- the Humanity of 04/09/09 "If I am expelled, Chama must remain in France" Still in detention, the father of the boy why he will not return to Angola. Eric Besson is forced to "reconsider the case." Read more of the article In Saint-Denis, parents and teachers between emotion and anger The boy could make his return yesterday morning at Jean Vilar school. A support rally is planned tonight on the steps of City Hall. Read more of the article Humanities Pecresse in the crosshairs of the Minister of Higher Education wants to focus on the humanities competitiveness objectives, assessment and innovation. Read more of the article Petition for "endangered" school Following the protests last year against the Darcos reform, a national petition was launched yesterday during the school year (www.ecoleendanger .org). Objective: "Get abandoning reforms (waking gardens, new pro school, removing RASED …), which now are no longer virtual but also more widely, show that people continue to be concerned about the fate of public school "says Bruno Ez-Zafir, student’s parent and a spokesman for the national school coordination in danger. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- ——— Le Parisien 04/09/09 They test the awakening garden the first kindergarten, designed for 2-3 years, opened yesterday in Caussade (Tarn-et-Garonne) . A new greeting, pay, the Minister for Family wants to develop. Read more of the article An educational laboratory They will accommodate 8,000 children by 2012. For now, they are only six waking gardens have the challenge of Nadine Morano (only one opened) two in the Tarn-et-Garonne, in Lot two, one in the Creuse and in the Herault. But the Family Allowances Fund is currently processing a flood of requests. Read more of the article "The PC is always impressive," In the ninth arrondissement, in the heart of Paris, Jean-school Nestor woke up slowly yesterday morning its summer torpor. By 8 am, the first students arrive in dribs and drabs. Among them, Louise, 8, with its new satchel shiny silver, patiently awaits the arrival of director, eyes torn between sleep and anxiety. Read more of the article Baby Boom: Schools reopen since the baby boom of 1998, the number of children in primary surged: + 14 000 this fall, forcing the ministry to affect 500 positions additional teachers in primary schools … and also raises reopening of schools. Saint-Symphorien-sur-Couze (Haute-Vienne), thus (re) yesterday morning lived to the rhythm of the school year for the first time in ten years, to accommodate 16 small pupils. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— La Croix 04/09/09 school: influenza a explained to children the parents should receive an information brochure on the flu, but can also find information on the Internet for explain to their children Read more of the article the first step in faith for toddlers More than just teaching, awakening to faith must be an in-depth exchange between the adult and young child Read following Article Daniele Delouvin: "the role of adults is essential" the former president of the national Association of psychologists for early childhood observed that the quest for the meaning of life toddlers is below the only religious sphere More Article —————————————- ——— echoes (some paid items) of 04/09/09 Ile-de-France: the state provides the 4 Condorcet campus 50 million The state will allocate a capital injection of € 450 million for the North Campus Condorcet Paris Aubervilliers, future major hub of social and human sciences in Europe. The cost of the project is around 600 million. Work should begin in 2012 if funding is completed. Read more of the article 300 hours of lessons on TV and radio in the event of school closures If full closing schools because of H1N1, the CNDP (National Center for Educational Documentation) based in Poitiers has nearly 300 hours of educational programs that can be broadcast on radio and television. Read more of the article Back to school for most of the 6.6 million students after high school students Wednesday most of 6,600,000 primary students resumed Thursday to school for a comeback marked by preparations to deal with H1N1. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —— 20 minutes from 04/09/09 the simplification of spelling in question debate on the difficulties of the French language is revived … Read more of the article was tested 20minutes simplified spelling. en offers two spelling versions of the same story … Read more of the article "a language can not be decreed, she saw" DEBATE — Your opinion on a possible reform of spelling … Read more Article ———————————————- — Rue89 of 04/09/09 Nothing seen … ———————————— ———— West of France … 04/09/09 Nothing seen ———————— ———————— the Journal du Dimanche 04/09/09 the winners of the first names in 2009 and Clara Lucas Goodbye, hello Nathan and Emma. The site gives palmares of first names given to newborns in 2009. Read more of the article ————————- ————— Le Nouvel Observateur Permanent 04/09/09 opponents of the "Database students" write to Sarkozy opposed to computer monitoring schooling of children, the collective request President to cancel the sanctions principals. Read more of the article —————————————- Express .fr 04/09/09 back to School Looks Gothic, classic, trendy, high school students show their style in September. was present before the institutions. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — the Pedagogical Cafe 04/09/09 Supporting teachers to change Editorial Francois Jarraud it’s just if I may address this issue, so it may seem today moved both in terms accompaniment that change. Not that these two issues have been extensively discussed in recent months, but usually reflections are lost. Read more of the article H1N1: A circular defines pedagogical continuity Pandemic The circular organization of educational continuity in the event of local or general closure classes. The text defines three situations in case of pandemics. The first vulnerable students will be monitored by their academic advisor. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- — Mediapart (fee) of 04/09/09 Nothing seen … ——————————- —————————- selection in the 04/09/09 dispatches A group called Luc Chatel to act "in accordance with his words "A group of teachers unions, parents, student and high school organizations and educational associations on Friday called on the Minister of Education Luc Chatel to put" his acts in accordance with his words ". Read more of the article he wants his son to class changes, it hits the main college student A disgruntled parent telling Friday a punch in the face of a major Villeneuve-les-Avignon College ( Gard), because he wanted his son to change class to find his comrades, do we learned from the principal. Read more of the article Sgen-CFDT coaching record of disability in school "scandalous" "All in the" accompaniment of disabled children to school by precarious personal "outrageous" , said Friday the Secretary General of the CFDT Sgen Thierry Cadart, at the press conference to retract the teachers union. Read more of the article Resistance "students base": a collective writing Sarkozy against sanctions in the national class students Base resistance just written to President Nicolas Sarkozy for the cancellation of the penalty withdrawing their use of school director to four teachers refusing to apply the "first degree students base", the group said Thursday. Read the rest of the article ——————————————- —————————- This work is licensed under a Creative Commons license. Posted by Watrelot on Friday homeworkmarket log in
, September 4, 2009